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My attraction to photography developed as a result of being totally unable to draw or paint. Since the age of 9, I developed a love of natural history, writing and photography. I have written since I was 7, although mainly humour, continue to write and edit magazines, photograph people, places and natural history and in the distant past have also been a Fraud Investigator for 15 years (& then a 'Special Investigator'). Unlike other photographers, I am not exclusive to one subject, and love portraiture, weddings, studio work, but also am fascinated by everything to do with the natural world - birds, animals, reptiles, insects, astronomy, geology, quantum physics, maths - although some of these are not conducive to photography!

Every single creature shown in the 'Pictures Gallery' is totally wild (& that includes some of my friends), no captive, tame or ringed, or taken in a refuge or zoo (with the one exception being the Scottish Wild Cat). People and portraitures though, are the most interesting of all subjects, and wedding photography is the ultimate. To photograph a couple on such a day is more important than getting a picture of the President. There is no second chance.

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(I regret that I am fully booked and no further wedding or general photography can be arranged until about 2023. The only possible exceptions that can be reluctantly considered and only off-peak season, are from friends, or corrupt Russian oligarchs with too much cash. If you wish to book any photography be it portraits, company work, travel assignments, weddings, modelling or whatever, in future years, please contact at the e-mail below.)

My policy is to simply record the day, with just the occasional recommendation. I like to think I guide rather than instruct, and make it the couple's day, not the photographer's. The wedding day itself should be joyous and as stress-free as is possible, as should the build-up and the memories. I hope this is always reflected in the pictures.

A typical wedding package will include up to 600 prints, DVD slideshow set to music, DVD movie, DVD discs with all of the pictures allowing the bride and groom and friends to print their own or use for email, with no copyright. There may also be photographs of the bride and groom as they prepare for the wedding day, there will posed and unposed pictures,, and pictures simply recording the day. Also, a 'digital photobook' recording the wedding day, and any other items required by the couple. If however, a smaller, simpler programme is desired, this too may be accommodated. I am a 100% traditionalist in my photography, but also use digital techniques like Photoshop, where I believe the beauty or the subject matter can be enhanced. Most families now bring a good camera to a wedding, so it is important for the professional to bring out 'magic'.

I do not believe any other photographer offers such a service.

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